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ATTENTION: 15 days major European operation controls against “illegal” migration.

ATTENTION: 15 days major European operation controls against “illegal” migration.

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The Council of the European Union is organizing from 13 to October 26, 2014 a major joint operation with the Schengen Member States, Europol and Frontex, called “Mos maiorum”

First, let’s look at the racist and even fascist overtones of the name Mare Maiorum:
The moss majorum (or moss maiorum) means “old ways” or “ancestral customs” and in ancient Rome, lifestyle and the system of ancestral values​​. It is often taken as a reference, and contrasts with the spectacle of decadence of the present world !!!!

The five fundamentals of moss majorum are:
fides: loyalty, respect for the given word, loyalty, faith; confidence (…)

pietas: piety, devotion, patriotism, duty

majestas: to belong to a superior chosen people, majesty

virtus: quality specific to Roman citizenship, courage, political activity

Gravitas: all conduct of the traditional Roman, respect for tradition, seriousness, dignity, authority

What a program! The choice of code name has been a source of his denunciation !!
All possible migration routes in Europe will be checked in all Schengen States and Europe’s external borders,

the objectives being:
-Arrest “illegal” immigrants and gather information in view of investigation
-Identify, hunt and disrupt the organized crime groups
-Consolidate joint actions to prevent “illegal” migration
-Look at the routes used by migrants and migration networks.
-Collect and analyze the information related to secondary movements also
Controls at airports, train stations, ports, borders and other strategic places (train, bus, metro, tram?) will be strengthened without a doubt. So be careful.

Widely Forward Please !
Below the official document about this.


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